I believe that capturing joy and intimacy between two people is much more than just taking a technically good photograph. A great photo will have all of the technicalities, but most importantly it will make you FEEL something.  When you are in the throws of planning your wedding. sending invitations. choosing that perfect dress and the right venue, remember that photography is the one thing that will last forever.. Your memories in print will gain value over time as you look back on your day. 

I am not about staging the right photo. I want to capture your day, your relationship and your love..  Yes we will do all those family shots and portraits too!  but My job is to capture the feelings and the in-between moments so you can look back and cherish them forever. 

Weddings ~ starting at $2500

Elopements ~ Starting at $1500

Couples engagement and Lifestyle shoots ~ $300

Please contact me with your dates and deets and I will get back to you within 48 hours. Feel Free to text me too! (780)292-0580

**I am so willing to travel!